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A Russian court apparently will hear the first lawsuit against MasterCard


As far as it is known SMP Bank, among others bank, was sanctioned by the U.S. as political tension over Ukraine escalates on March, 2014, as the result Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. are cutting off services to the bank.

Unsurprisingly, the cardholders could not perform the operation using bank cards issued by SMP Bank.

One of the cardholders of the bank was Alexander Moskovkin who could not pay for goods using the bank card. Mr Moskovkin decided that MasterCard violated his rights as a consumer and he filed a lawsuit in the Meshansky District Court of Moscow against MasterCard (the defendants are MasterCard Europe (Belgium) and MasterCard LLC (Moscow)). (Case № 2-13647/2014 (in Russian)).

The lawsuit based on the provisions both of the Russian Law on consumer rights (article 15) and of the Civil Code of Russia (articles 151, 1099,1101). These articles provide basis for recovery of non-pecuniary loss if consumers rights were violated.

Mr Moskovkin seeks a non-pecuniary loss in 100 Rub (approximately $ 2, 7).

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UPD. 15/10/2014. The court in Moscow dismissed the claim against MasterCard.